About us

iThinking|A creative design brand from Taiwan

"Design with home in mind" is the fundamental concept of iThinking’s brand management.

Convert ordinary objects into the commodities that are both soothing and stress-relieving, full of life, sentiments, sensibility and comforting qualities upon the warmth household atmosphere that be created at will through assorted with plenty of colors.

The design scope of "iThinking" covers all possible improvements and realization of self-value from the individual-home daily ,office affairs, society-the environment.

The nature creatures as the prototype combined with practical functions to create emotion related daily necessities.

Consumers can feel the beautiful, new & amusing of the life through the nature atmosphere created by these products directly.

Values & Vision

We hope that through iThinking, everyone can get the support and assistance while pursuing dreams. Also, we hope to ignite everyone's enthusiasm for finding the value of their own existence, and to encourage innovative thinking and attempts. Meanwhile, people can keep enriching their lives with our existence so that their dreams can be realized, and the final success will belong to those who dare to persevere!

Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is to achieve every small success and accumulate every positive energy to make the world a better place. Through iThinking, more creative products that can improve the quality of human life can be launched, and cultivated. At the same time, iThinking encourages more new creative designers to devote themselves to finding their own blueprints or lets more designers find their own future entrepreneurial partners. This is what iThinking calls positive energy.

Starting from "love, sharing, mutual assistance", iThinking continues to create personal success. After all, it will accumulate positive energy that can affect the world and make the world a better place!

Glad to be others' angel.

  • 2011.08月 The initiator Mr. Mingzhe Wu (the Chief Strategy Officer of KING TONY Tools Co. Ltd.) feels about the rapid changes in trends such as technology network community applications, spiritual growth and rising self-awareness, and focuses on the reengineering of organizational culture and innovative thinking, marketing and design thinking.
  • 2011.11月 Started the preparation (with 6 members), and was able to cooperate with the existing organizational resources of KING TONY.
  • 2012.04月 The first creative proposal of products (Landscape Stationery Set) combined with the new brand (Half Day) and healing desk items (BravePal) were launched.
  • 2014.04月 "Huku", a new tool that conveys protection, love and happiness, was selected as the "Best Popular Product" at the 2014 Taipei Gift and Stationery Exposition.
  • 2014.06月 The product was selected by the Taipei Cultural and Creative Bureau, and participated in the 2014 Interior Lifestyle TOKYO Exhibition in Japan.
  • 2014.10月 "Huku"series-a variety of tools to convey protection, love and happiness, won the Golden Pin Design Product Design Award.
  • 2015.01月 Signed an annual cooperative sales agreement with TLW, and selected "Penguin" as the 2015 VIP birthday gift.
  • 2015.04月 The Taipei Smart City Exhibition selected "Birdie" Bird's Nest fashion home furnishing tools to promote marketing gifts for the press conference.
  • 2015.04月 The healing hand tool "Penguin" won the second place in the Best Popular Product at the 2015 Giftionery & Culture Creative Exhibition in Taipei.
  • 2015.09月 The healing "Penguin" screwdriver set and "Bear Papa" ratchet screwdriver set both won the 2015 Golden Pin Design Award.
  • 2015.09月 The Industrial Development Bureau and China Surgical Dressings Center(CSD) purchased "Huku", "Penguin" and "Bear Papa" as gifts for visiting VIPs.
  • 2015.10月 The Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association(THTMA) purchased "Penguin" as the giveaway of the 2015 Taiwan Hardware Show.
  • 2015.11月 Bear Papa won the Best Corporate Purchasing Popularity Award at the 2015 Taipei International Cultural and Creative Life Exhibition.
  • 2016.02月 "Huku" and "Penguin" series won the second place in 2016 Tokyo Gift Show Best Overseas Product.
  • 2016.04月 Bear Papa won the 2016 Creative Expo Taiwan"Cultural & Creative Award”.
  • 2016.04月 Papa Bear won the second place in the Best Popular Product at the 2016 Giftionery & Culture Creative in Taipei.
  • 2016.09月 Rhino Hammer won the third place in the Craft and Design Category of the Star of Cultural Creation.
  • 2016.09月 Rhino Hammer & Dear Deer Pliers both won the 2016 Golden Pin Design Product Design Award.
  • 2016.10月 Rhino Hammer tried the US Kickstarter platform to raise funds and successfully reached 410% of the target.
  • 2016.11月 Dear Deer Pliers successfully met the standards for fund-raising and marketing on Kickstarter in the United States and Taiwan zeczec platform.
  • 2017.09月 Dear Deer II won the Best Design Award in the Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Fashion Award Competition, and all branded products have also won the Best Retailer of the Year Award.
  • 2017.09月 Dear Deer Pliers II successfully reached the standard for fund-raising and marketing on the Kickstarter platform in the United States.
  • 2018.06月 Panda Mama won the third place in the 2018 Chengdu Tourism Product Creative Design Competition.
  • 2018.09月 Bear Papa & His Home won the 2018 Taiwan OTOP Product Design Award.
  • 2021.07月 Bear Papa Ratchet Screwdriver Special Edition was invited to be Carrefour's 2021 Home Leisure Activity Gift.
  • 2021.08月"Formosan Black Bear Holder" was selected as a shareholder's souvenir for the 50th anniversary of China Steel Corporation in 2021 with the ingenious design.