Huku personal trendy tool set (practical trunk)

Product feature:

The iThinking design team gave the tool a new definition: it is no longer a tool, but a friend who will accompany you in life. This idea enabled us to develop a groundbreaking creative tool Huku.



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Congratulations! Huku series won the 2014 Golden Dot Design Award

Product description and story

Where are your tools? Can you find it when you need it?

Through tools, our lives are more convenient, but all kinds of mixed tools, because they are rarely used, have been left idle in dark corners for a long time; when it is really needed, it is always impossible to find a new one, And the current problem cannot be solved and is very angry?

The iThinking design team has realized this problem. We who tried for more than a year, gave the tool a new definition: it is no longer a tool, but a friend who accompanies you in life. This idea enabled us to develop a groundbreaking creative tool Huku.

Huku is the croaking sound of an owl, similar to the Japanese pronunciation of "owl" "Fukurou", and the Japanese pronunciation of Huku is the same as "fu", which also extends to the meaning of "happiness". A pair of owls are often placed in Japanese families, hoping to attract good luck and luck.

Huku is not only playing the role of the tool's silent "guardian" to us, but also the full "blessing" of the owner and the user when the personal portable tool is placed on the table or carried around.

We design this advanced version for users with different needs. They are equipped with extension rods and two more screwdriver heads to make the operation more convenient and meet the needs of different conditions. The Huku trunk practical model has a lovely and warm appearance. It is a magnetic screwdriver head. In addition to the 8 Bits in the trunk, the body can also accommodate 6 screwdriver heads. It can not only be placed on the table as an ornament. You can also take it with you.

Huku shape comes from the guardian in the forest-the owl. We hope that Huku can also become a small accessory that silently guards your home. When you need him, it is a good helper to effectively remove and replace screws, adding points to the happiness in life.


1. Pull up Huku
2. Push down the middle extension rod and remove the extension rod from the bottom
3. Insert the extension rod into the magnetic attraction at the bottom of Huku
4. Take out the screwdriver in the trunk and insert the extension rod
5. God! Super perfect operation feel

Simple repair helper

Color selection

Trunk models are available in three colors:
Elegant-Vintage Brown
Elegant-Olive Green
Elegant-Royal Blue

Exquisite packaging design

Persistence of quality and structural design
The Huku body is made of environmentally friendly and high-toughness engineering-grade PP plastic as the base material, and the surface is coated with TPR environmentally friendly rubber, which improves the grip comfort and at the same time strengthens the friction required to apply force. In order to ensure the texture and exquisiteness, it is specially produced by two-color injection and integrated molding. The central screwdriver base is made of chrome vanadium (Cr-V) alloy steel with bright chrome surface, and the Bits screwdriver head is made of silicon alloy steel (S2) with silver-plated mist effect, which is the first choice for professional grade tools.


‧ Body + trunk ø 65 x H85 mm / packaging 80 x 80 x 95 mm
‧ 1 Huku screwdriver grip
‧ 1/4 ", 42mm extension rod
‧ Trunk shape storage seat
‧ 1/4 ", 25mm screwdriver head
Cross ⊕ # 0, # 1, # 2, # 3 each 1
Word φ 2.5, 4, 5, 6 mm each 1
(All 8 in total)
‧ Weight about 156g

Designer and brand profile
Use and maintenance

Do not place Huku in direct sunlight and high humidity, and keep it dry.

Origin / manufacturing methods

Made in Taiwan


There may be color difference in the color of the photo, subject to the actual product

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