Nature Grassy Plate for Action Figures

Product feature:

Find a grassland where your little animals can run around!



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Product description and story
The breeze quietly blows across the field.
Cute animals are running happily on the grass, which belongs to them.
It blends beautifully with the grassy plate.

The combination of bamboo and grass presents the landscape and comfortable feel of the earth.

Tools, accessories, action figures, keys, etc....
Any items can be placed, and the tabletop is no longer cluttered!

  • Material: bamboo (waxed) / fiber plastic cloth
  • Large L440×W160×H12mm
  • Medium L350×W180×H12mm
  • Small L250×W160×H12mm

※ iThinking and TOSMU brand co-branded.

Use and maintenance method
Do not place the object in a place where there is strong direct light, and keep it dry.
The turf cannot stand the heat, so please do not place high-temperature objects.
Bamboo-made products' colors should be based on entities.
Designer and brand profile
Use and maintenance

Do not it in direct sunlight and high humidity, and keep it dry.

Origin / manufacturing methods

Made in Taiwan


There may be color difference in the color of the photo, subject to the actual product

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